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Company Information

The availability of company information varies greatly depending on the type of company and the sources you use.

  • Public companies are traded on the open market and are regulated by the SEC. Those who purchase the securities issued by a public company become investors and owners. Company information can be found in SEC filings, analysts' reports, news reports, books, library business databases, and free online.  Company proprietary information is not always available.
  • Private companies are owned by an individual, family, or a group of partners, and are not traded in the open market.  Information is very limited and most of it is confidential.  Try company databases that cover private companies, news, and State filings.
  • International (non U.S.) company coverage varies.  Foreign public companies generally have extensive information available.  If the company is traded on a U.S. stock exchange, it is required to file with the SEC.
  • Nonprofit companies are not coverged in this guide.  You can find Form 990 (filed with the IRS) on the Foundation Center or GuideStar (free registration) websites.  Statistics are available at the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS).  

Databases with Company Information

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