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About the Celebration

At the annual Faculty Scholarship Celebration, scholarship from the year prior is recognized in the Kreitzberg Library. The Celebration is part of the Faculty Senate Library Committee’s charge and is organized in collaboration with the Library.

The Celebration features invited talks by faculty members who have published or presented scholarly and creative works during the preceding September–August.

Scholarship Featured

The Faculty Scholarship Celebration honors work including

  • books, chapters, journal articles (excluding book reviews), poetry, or fiction that have undergone editorial or peer review prior to publication;
  • editorial role in a published work that explicitly states editor or edited by and your name;
  • juried art shows;
  • encyclopedia and reference work entries;
  • presentations/papers/posters given at professional or scholarly conferences;
  • extended review essays, or overviews of the state of scholarship in your area, for peer-reviewed journals, or the like;
  • faculty–student summer research fellowship projects.

2022 Invited Talks

Decoding Violence Across Criminal, Literary, and Digital Spaces: Court Records, Courtly Epics, Supreme Court Rulings and Twitter

Wednesday, October 26, 2022 | Day 1 Recording (requires NU network login)

  • Elizabeth Gurian: Serial and mass murder: Understanding multicide through offending patterns, explanations, and outcomes.

  • Carl Martin: The cipher of chivalry: Violence as courtly play in the world of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight."

Thursday, October 27, 2022 | Day 2 Recording (requires NU network login)

  • Connie Hassett-Walker: Does Brandenburg v. Ohio still hold in the social media era? Racist (and other) online hate speech and the First Amendment.

  • Jonathan Adkins: Identification of violence in Twitter using a custom lexicon and NLP.

2022 Program