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Library Impact Statements

University Curriculum Committee (UCC) guidelines require an impact statement from the Library for all new course and program proposals. The purpose of the process is to work with faculty to evaluate the resource needs of new programs in advance of their adoption. Working actively rather than reactively assures that library collections and services will be able to provide the support necessary for the students in all programs.

As faculty prepare to submit the New Course Proposal (or other) forms, they should complete the questionnaire designed by the Library and submit it to their Liaison Librarian.

The librarians will then prepare an assessment of:
• The suitability of existing resources;
• The new resources required to support the program;
• The information skills education required by the students; and
• The funds needed for library materials and services.

The UCC, not the Library staff, evaluate the proposed programs. However, the UCC will expect a sign-off from the Library by attachment of the completed Impact Statement.