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Integrate Online Library Resources into NUoodle

Library Resources - Ebooks, Articles, Streaming Video & More

The library's licensed online resources should be incorporated into your NUoodle classroom using permalinks.

Using permalinks allows you to deliver library resources to your students inside or outside the campus network without violating copyright. You cannot legally distribute copies of copyrighted material to your students without obtaining permission, but you can provide links to licensed resources.

Taking advantage of library resources for course content adds tremendous value to our investment in online resources and provides students with high-quality content. This is an excellent substitute for physical reserve items, as well as supplementary readings.

Reusing Web Content

Just because information is freely available on the web does not mean it is in the public domain or not protected by copyright. However, there is ample opportunity for finding great reusable web content.

Seeking out resources in the public domain or openly licensed content is another great way to enhance your NUoodle classroom. This includes everything from ebooks and open textbooks to images and videos.

Copyright & Fair Use Questions?