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Integrate Online Library Resources into NUoodle

Power of Permalinks

Articles with a stable URL can be linked in NUoodle. Links to library resources must include a prefix that routes the user through the library's proxy server. If this prefix is missing, students will not be able to access the resource from off campus.

The prefix is:

Many library databases include this prefix for you with the article permalink, but in some cases you must add it yourself.

Instructions for Platform You Need Not Listed or Having Trouble?

Instructions for creating permalinks using the most popular database platforms are listed in the menu on the left.

If you have any problems creating database links or locate a resource you would like to use and the instructions are not covered here, please contact Brandon Hugo, Electronic Resources Librarian at 485-2523 or

Find Journals & Newspapers by Title

Check for library access to a specific journal, magazine or newspaper.