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About Us

Friends of the Kreitzberg Library

About the Friends

Founded in 1968 as the Friends of the Norwich University Library (FONUL), the Friends is comprised of alumni, faculty, scholars, students, parents, and community leaders, who are advocates for the University’s Library. In 2008 the Friends voted to change their name to the Friends of the Kreitzberg Library (FOKL).

The Friends provide support for the Kreitzberg Library and Archives & Special Collections to enrich and enhance the intellectual and cultural climate of Norwich University. They are committed to preserving Norwich history and traditions, including preserving archives and rare materials. Gifts, grants, and endowments from the Friends to the Kreitzberg Library provide books, journals and equipment as well as the preservation of rare materials and photographs. The Friends also sponsor authors, lectures, panel discussions, student research awards, and other events promoting Kreitzberg Library.

To ensure continuous support, the Friends welcome annual memberships and has provision for endowments.

Who are the Friends of the Kreitzberg Library?

The Friends are the library’s “alumni,” its advocates and emissaries. Many are Norwich alumni or faculty; many are not. Through their time, their financial support and their good will, the Friends help the library to fulfill its role as a center for learning and creativity.

The Friends’ activities reflect the tradition of service that characterizes the library as a whole. That may take the form of a book or manuscript donated to the collections; an afternoon spent greeting visitors; a gift to the endowment; or an enlightening word to a colleague who is unaware of the library’s resources. In their service, the Friends continue a tradition that dates back to Norwich founder, Alden Partridge.

Benefits of Membership

Every year, the Friends sponsor a diverse series of programs—lectures, exhibit openings, symposia—to stimulate the intellect and the imagination. All members are invited. All members receive a subscription to the Friends biannual newsletter, which offers an inside look at the library’s programs, services, personnel, recent acquisitions, and future plans. Above all, membership in the Friends brings the satisfaction of helping to build one of the nation’s most important research collections. It means sharing in the stewardship of a great institution.

Join Us!

Please call 802-485-2176 or email with any questions.