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About Us

Friends of the Kreitzberg Library

Learn about the benefits of membership and how the Friends support the Library and the NU community

Memorial Contributions

Memorial contributions to the Friends are acknowledged to both the donor and survivors. They also count toward university giving and are recorded by the Norwich Development Office.

Please send these contributions to:

Friends of the Kreitzberg Library
ATTN: Office of Development
Norwich University
158 Harmon Drive
Northfield, VT 05663

Honorary/Memorial Chairs

Honorary/memorial chair

Reading chairs at the Kreitzberg Library are available for memorialization or commemoration. Designed by the Vermont firm Beeken Parsons, the chairs are beautiful, durable, and comfortable. It is customary to dedicate honorary and memorial chairs at our annual meetings.

All are welcome to come and view the chairs when the Kreitzberg Library is open. Chairs on the fifth floor are available when the University Archives is open.

Please call 802-485-2176 or email with any questions.

Chair Locations

Name Location
Timothy (Tim) H. Donovan, Jr. 1st floor
Ellen Hall 1st floor
Richard Hosmer 1st floor
R. Gerry Miller 1st floor
Robert O'Hern 1st floor
Jacalin Wilder 1st floor
Lona Abare 2nd floor
Kimberly L. Abare 2nd floor
James C. Abare 2nd floor
Arne Aho 2nd floor
James Bannister 2nd floor
2nd Lt. Ralph P. Benn 2nd floor
Vivian Bryan 2nd floor
Col. Harry Buckley 2nd floor
Rosemary L. Caprio 2nd floor
Col. Anthony Carbone 2nd floor
Bernie & Bette Crowley 2nd floor
David & Janet Cummings 2nd floor
Gary C. du Moulin 2nd floor
Jack Finan 2nd floor
Thomas J. & Sophie D. Flynn 2nd floor
George A. Garrison 2nd floor
Robert H. Gehring 2nd floor
Patrick J. Gill, Jr. 2nd floor
Robert Guptill 2nd floor
John W. Heiss 2nd floor
C. Paul High 2nd floor
Charles A. Holden 2nd floor
Edward & Katherine Howe 2nd floor
Richard P. Howe 2nd floor
Capt. Thomas Huckins 2nd floor
Richard L. Keenan 2nd floor
Barbara Keenan 2nd floor
Mary Gamble Kelly 2nd floor
Gary Lord 2nd floor
Jane Riley McCloskey 2nd floor
Jayne B. McGowan 2nd floor
Guy McGowan 2nd floor
Frank Murtaugh Jr. 2nd floor
Leonard Nystedt 2nd floor
Dan E. O'Connor 2nd floor
Bill & Heidi Passalacqua 2nd floor
Maj. Gen. George Smith Patton 2nd floor
Capt. F. Randolph Philbrook 2nd floor
Lorraine Pollard 2nd floor
Michael & Susan Popowski, III 2nd floor
Robert B. Priestley 2nd floor
Tal Hava Pritzker 2nd floor
William Jacob Gilbert Pritzker 2nd floor
Richard Rebmann 2nd floor
Tom Rogan 2nd floor
Lynda Dawson Schlotterbeck 2nd floor
Eugene Sevi 2nd floor
Col. Jacob Shapiro 2nd floor
Betty Shelley 2nd floor
Hobart Smith, Jr. 2nd floor
Dotti Styer 2nd floor
Edward Sultan, Jr. 2nd floor
Anita Ida Warren Thompson 2nd floor
President & Mrs. W. Russell Todd 2nd floor
Caroline W. Todd 2nd floor
George Tozer 2nd floor
George Turner 2nd floor
Donald W. Udell 2nd floor
Terry Van Meter 2nd floor
David S. Westerman 2nd floor
Alton G. Wheeler 2nd floor
Catherine & Edwin Wider Wider 2nd floor
Bizhan Yahyazadeh 2nd floor
Jack Bailey 3rd floor
Eunice W. Bannister 3rd floor
Robert J. Beckerle 3rd floor
2nd Lt. Philip C. Benn 3rd floor
James J. Fagan 3rd floor
George A. Garrison 3rd floor
Paula Gills 3rd floor
Capt. Victoria A. Huckins 3rd floor
Capt. Carl R. Hughes 3rd floor
Frederick J. Lord 3rd floor
Esther Harvey Marsilius 3rd floor
Joseph McCloskey 3rd floor
Fariborz (Fred) Mokhtari 3rd floor
Mary E. Newby 3rd floor
Joanne H. Patton 3rd floor
Maj. Gen. Charles H. Perenick 3rd floor
Helen S. Philbrook 3rd floor
Edward L. "Ted" Richards 3rd floor
Donald Sanborn 3rd floor
Walter Schlotterbeck 3rd floor
Jason Segal 3rd floor
Jack W. Smith 3rd floor
Evelyn Stenstream 3rd floor
Col. George D. Styer 3rd floor
Carol Todd 3rd floor
Maj. Gen. W. Russell Todd 3rd floor
Ed C. Tracy 3rd floor
Ann Turner 3rd floor
Bettye Udell 3rd floor
Mrs. Henry C. Weismann 3rd floor
Cleo A. Wheeler 3rd floor
Rock & Paula Wheeler 3rd floor
Rock C. Wheeler 3rd floor
Richie Garrison 5th floor
Richie Garrison 5th floor
Richie Garrison 5th floor
Richie Garrison 5th floor
Frederick Garrison 5th floor
Nancy M. Garrison 5th floor
Nancy S. Garrison 5th floor
F. Paul Gavin 5th floor
Andrew Abram Naphtali Pritzker Mezzanine
Donald Wallace Mezzanine