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Friends of the Kreitzberg Library

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About the Friends Awards for Outstanding Student Research

The Friends of Kreitzberg Library (FOKL) sponsor cash prizes to recognize excellent student research and writing. The first research paper prize was awarded in 1997 to a student who had written an outstanding research paper using the Kreitzberg Library resources. The Friends have since expanded the number of annual monetary prizes, including an award for a student who used Norwich University Archives extensively for research. In 2020, two awards were added for College of Graduate and Continuing Studies (CGCS) graduate and degree completion students.

The Awards

Seniors—Two $1,000 awards

  • One science or technical
  • One humanities or liberal arts

Juniors—Two $750 awards

  • One science or technical
  • One humanities or liberal arts

Freshmen and Sophomores—Two $500 awards

  • One science or technical
  • One humanities or liberal arts

Students from any class—One $1,000 prize

  • Norwich University Archives used significantly for research

College of Graduate and Continuing Studies—Two $1,000 awards

  • One degree completion student
  • One graduate student

Prize Winners

University Archives – Lydia Brown '23 for “Looking Back on the Representation of LGBTQ+ Members, People of Color, & Women: An Analysis of The Chameleon Literary Journal, 1961–Present.” (Sponsor: Sean Prentiss)

University Archives – Honorable Mention – Joseph Chatterton '24 for “Tribulation, Triumph, and Tragedy: Norwich University’s Iranian Program, 1976–1979.” (Sponsor: Zachary Bennett)

Junior: Arts/Humanities – Taylor Richard '23 for “Margaret Cavendish’s Powerful Leadership in The Blazing World.” (Sponsor: Carl Martin)

Senior: Arts/Humanities – Jacob Maker '22 for “Investigating Joshua L. Chamberlain: Distinctions Between the Memory and Reality of Maine’s Famed Colonel.” (Sponsor: Steven Sodergren)

Freshman/Sophomore: Science/Technical – Courtney Rogat '23 for “Design and Implementation of a Green Chemistry Sequence for General Chemistry I.” (Sponsor: Sarah Gallant)

Senior: Science/Technical – Alvin Law '22 for “Myocarditis in Patients with COVID-19.” (Sponsor: Llynne Kiernan)

Senior: Science/Technical – Rafael Ribeiro '22 for “The Underlying Mechanisms and Effects of Resilience and Stress-related Disorders on Dopaminergic Pathway Activity in the Brain.” (Sponsor: Megan Doczi)

University Archives – Alex Rollins '21 for “There Is Nothing More Inherently American: How the Rebellion of Alden Partridge and Greek and Roman Influences Led to the Rejuvenation of the American Education System.” (Sponsor: Christine McCann)

Junior: Arts/Humanities – Michaila Furchak '22 for “Coastal Resilient Architecture: Designing Sustainable Strategies for Coastal Communities.” (Sponsor: Tolya Stonorov)

Junior: Arts/Humanities – Travis Needham '22 for “Tolkien’s Methods of Demonization in The Hobbit.” (Sponsor: Carl Martin)

Junior: Science/Technical – Tabatha Leahy '22 for “Integration of Exercise Therapy in Inpatient Psychiatry.” (Sponsor: Lyndsey Gates)

Senior: Science/Technical – Lauren Graham '21 for “Using Daphnia Ephippia Pigmentation and Size to Determine Past Trophic Levels of Twin Ponds, Vermont.” (Sponsor: Laurie Grigg)

Senior: Science/Technical – Killian Kozlowski '21 for “Efficacy of the Ketogenic Diet in Children with Refractory Epilepsy.” (Sponsor: Llynne Kiernan)

Senior: Science/Technical – Honorable Mention – Avery Kretschmar '21 for “The Social and Neurobiological Differences Present in Men and Women with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.” (Sponsor: Megan Doczi)

CGCS: Graduate – Alan Cunningham for “'Trafficking for a Cause': Cuban Drug Trafficking Operations as a Foreign Policy.

University Archives – Faith Privett for “A Diplomatic Fiasco: How Iranian Students in the US were Affected Throughout the Iran Hostage Crisis.” (Sponsor: Mark Boonshoft)

Freshman/Sophomore: Arts/Humanities – Peter Cassady for “Nature Within, Nature Without in Ortiz's 'My Father's Song.'” (Sponsor: Carl Martin)

Junior: Arts/Humanities – Sarah Clark for “Borscht, Barracks, and Bears: How Russian Pilots Lived in WWII.” (Sponsor: Reina Pennington)

Senior: Arts/Humanities – Alex N. Parent for “In the Margins of Literary and Architectural Discourse: A Comparison of Arabic Commentary in Cervantes's Don Quixote and Moorish Architecture.” (Sponsor: Judith Stallings-Ward)

Freshman/Sophomore: Science/Technical – Mikaela A. Pearson and Catherine L. Pitts for “Newborn Hypoglycemia: Analyzing the Effectiveness of Glucose Gel and Intravenous Glucose.” (Sponsor: Llynne Kiernan)

Senior: Science/Technical – D'Shealyn Bullock for “Now You See It, Now You Don't.” (Sponsor: Carole Bandy)

Senior: Science/Technical – J. Walter McKenna for “Water Treatment Residuals: Enhancing the Ability of Green Stormwater Infrastructure to Prevent Eutrophication.” (Sponsor: Megan Doczi)

CGCS: Degree Completion – Michael J. Bearden for "The Culture of Jihad in the 21st Century"

CGCS: Graduate – Kathryn R. Lamphere for "International Law & the Cyber Domain: Assessing the Human Rights Concerns of Cyber Legislation"

Freshman/Sophomore: Humanities/Liberal Arts – Abby Heselton for “An Artistic Medium Worthy of Telling the Tale of God.”

Freshman/Sophomore: Science/Technology – Hailee Holt and Abby Weber for “Using Sound-Activated Noise Meters to Reduce Noise in Neonatal Intensive Care Units.”

Junior: Humanities/Liberal Arts – Nicholas Veldey for “In the Zone: Adaptation in Roadside Picnic and Stalker.”

Junior: Science/Technology – Warren Yacawych for “Insulin Receptor Localization in the Hypothalamus of the Embryonic Chicken.”

Senior: Humanities/Liberal Arts – Spencer Duhamel for “Rhetorics of Rural Resistance: The Fight for Community and Sustainability in Central Vermont.”

Senior: Science/Technology – Lydia Guy for “Effects of Probiotics on Gut Dysbiosis and Neurotransmitter Modulation in Psychiatric Disorders via the Gut-Brain Axis.”

University Archives – Ben Forsman for “Military Brutality: A study of Hazing at Military Academies.”

FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE TECHNICAL: Danielle Boucher and Rachael Holt-Gosselin
SENIOR HUMANITIES: Anthony Aversano and Timothy Weinhold
ARCHIVES: Ryan Lechich

FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE: Thaddeus J. Booth Trudo, GianCarlo Greco
JUNIOR: Joshua A. Sassi, Derek Lotito
SENIOR: Darren Desabrais, Emily Fernald

FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE: Bethany Towne, Dominic Desoto
JUNIOR: Zyla Fisher, Colin Scarfo, and Dakoda Bailey; Joshua Hartley
SENIOR: Abigail Seaberg, Rachel Putney
ARCHIVES: Kyle Pomeroy

FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE: Michael Pulaski & Emily Foster, Logan Morrison
JUNIOR: Will Perry, Kenneth ‘Robbie’ Sikora
SENIOR: Emily Oor, Erin Donovan
ARCHIVES: Frank Carissimo

FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE: Gowri Savoor; Eric Weinhold; Derek Burton, Katrina Fortman, Cody Simoneau & Caroline Caroline
JUNIOR: Caitlin Holliday
SENIOR:Prapat Kotpat, Kyle Vautrinot

FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE: Saul Costa, Logan Morrison
JUNIOR: Kyle Vautrinot, Jeff Hay
SENIOR: Robyn Taylor, Dawson Allen

JUNIOR: Noah Clark, Nathen Silsby, Scott Guerin, Andrew Chapman
SENIOR: N. Joshua Hutson, Sarianne Lynn

FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE: Megan Katherine Moran, Kayla Weimert
JUNIOR/SENIOR: Josh Kachuck, Chad Anderson

FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE: Charles Stiles, Justin Michael
JUNIOR/SENIOR: Kylie Cowens, Mark Moran

JUNIOR/SENIOR: Quinn Conklin, Matthew Kasl

JUNIOR/SENIOR: Justine Caron, Keith Peskosky

FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE: Jeff Cooper, Erica Racine
JUNIOR/SENIOR: Chelsea Boyce, Christopher M. Perrone

FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE: Douglas Breault, Bryce Porter
JUNIOR/SENIOR: Lenny Burkland, Brandon Hebert, Stefanie Judson, Anders Hedberg

Marina Brajnikova-Aronson, Katherine Serafine

Barbara Mooney, Robin G. Roberts

Andrew T. Bauer

George Doud, Elizabeth Easley

Kelly A. Chiffer

Jackie Hodge, Bell Christen Stone

Matthew Jones, Almuchalif Suryo, Elizabeth M. Wall

Peter Rohloff

Samer Farach