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Norwich University Kreitzberg Library

NR104 - Focus on Nursing

Guidance for students in NR104 to complete literature research for your papers using advanced features in CINAHL.

Lots of Limiters

CINAHL offers a wide array of ways for you to refine your search results. All refinment options are available below the search boxes on the Advanced Search screen. Some will display along the left side of your results, while others are available under Show More in the same place. This guide higlights three key options, but there are many more you may find useful.

Publication Date

Currency is often very important for nursing literature. Use the slider on the left side of your search results to limit by Publication Date. The page will update and the Limiter will be applied to your Current Search breadcrumb box.

cinahl search results limited by publication date slide and current search

Journal Subset

Limiting the Journal Subset is helpful when you need to use nursing journals specifically. Click Show More under Limit To to access it. Select Core Nursing to limit your results to only the core nursing journals. You can also select Nursing. Hold down the CTRL key to select more than one.

additional limiters under show more journal subject set to core nursing

Age, Gender & Geography

cinahl age gender and geography results limiters

Note the limiter options for Age, Gender and Geography. These are not useful for this particular research topic, but think about how helpful it could be if you were researching a particular disease in females over the age of 65 or looking to focus on a specific country.

What displays will depend on your results set. For Age and Geography there is a Show More link to reveal all available options.