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NR104 - Focus on Nursing

Guidance for students in NR104 to complete literature research for your papers using advanced features in CINAHL.

Identify & Brainstorm Keywords

To search most effectively in the library, start by identifying keywords associated with your topic. 

  • Start by identifying the key concepts already present: cost containment, nursing practice.
  • Then identify synonymous terms: cost savings, cost control, cost reduction, nursing, nurses
  • Also think about broader and more specific terms: economics, budgets, emergency room nurses, staffing

Keywords are also important because authors writing about things might not necessarily use the same words you would to describe something. This process can be helpful in thinking about how you might narrow down a topic that is too big to research or broaden one that is too narrow.

If you are having trouble, doing a Google search or reading Wikipedia entries can actually be very helpful in identifying other words you can use to search.

Search the Kreitzberg Library Box

Our library is filled with books in the physical building, as well as twice as many ebooks. We also have over 100 research databases containing everything from articles in scholarly journals, trade publications, magazines, and newspapers to streaming video.

The Search the Kreitzberg Library box on the library homepage and below searches all of our books and ebooks, as well as information about articles available through some of our research databases. It is a great place to get started and find books and ebooks and can be a quick way to look up a known article when you already have a citation, but it should not be your only stop if you need to find articles in nursing journals.