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Find a Specific Article

Learn how to find a specific article and gain access whether the library has it available or not.

Find a Specific Article

Do you have a citation, and need to track down the full text of the article itself?

Select a heading below for instructions on DOI search, WorldCat Discovery, and Google Scholar, and a search box to get you started.

A DOI, or Digital Object Identifier, is a string of numbers and letters used to permanently identify an article or document on the web, usually including the number 10 followed by a period. This information can often be found near the article citation on publishers' websites. If you have an article DOI, you can use this identifier to quickly check for full-text access or initiate your ILL request.

  1. Copy the string beginning with 10. and everything to the right.


    DOI example

  2. Append DOI to the "info:doi/" in the box below and click the Search button.

    Example: info:doi/10.1108/02640470610689151

  3. Click Search, then Request through Interlibrary Loan button on the resulting search results page, if applicable.

    Request through Interlibrary Loan

When searching WorldCat Discovery with the scope set to "Libraries Worldwide," you can find records for articles not directly accessible through the library's subscriptions. To request these materials, click the red "Request through Interlibrary Loan" button on the item detail page.

Enter an article title in the search box below to search Libraries Worldwide.


Item detail page with ILL button highlighted

Go to to include NU library links in search results, or use the search box below (see our Google Scholar guide for more details).

When you find an article you'd like to request and no full-text links are available, click the double right pointing angle (») to expose the "Resources @ Norwich" link.


Rightward arrows beneat citation

On the resulting search results page, click the Request through Interlibrary Loan button to initiate your request.

Request through Interlibrary Loan

Find Journals & Newspapers by Title

Do you want to check on library access to a particular periodical? Enter the title of a journal, magazine, or newspaper in the search box below.

Let’s say we're looking for an article from the most recent issue of War & Society.

If we have it, you will see the title along with some links. These are the databases containing the title you’re looking for, as well as the years covered in each. Choose a database covering the year of the publication for the article you need. Since the article I want is from the most recent year, I need to choose the War & Society link from Maney Publishing.

results with links to databases with full text