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Norwich University Kreitzberg Library

Find a Specific Article

Learn how to find a specific article and gain access whether the library has it available or not.

Does the library have the article I need?

If you are looking for a specific article there is a surefire way to find it quickly through the library. If the library does not have access, request it and we will get you a copy as quickly as possible.

Make sure you have as much of the article’s citation as possible, then use the Journal Finder tool to see if the library has it.

Searching Find Journals & Newspapers by Title

This takes you to a search box where you can find out what periodicals the library has available, both online and in print. Let’s say I’m looking for an article from the most recent issue of War & Society. Type in the title of the periodical, not the article, and then click the search button.

find journals and newspaper by titles search by journal name

If we have it, you will see the title along with some links. These are the databases containing the title you’re looking for, as well as the years covered in each. Choose a database covering the year of the publication for the article you need. Since the article I want is from the most recent year, I need to choose the War & Society link from Maney Publishing.

results with links to databases with full text