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Library Instruction Rooms

Food & Beverage

Personal food and beverages are permitted in the North and South Instruction Rooms; however, the rooms were not designed or intended to host catered events. For catered events, please request the use of the Todd Multipurpose Room.


Library instruction rooms are primarily intended to support library instruction classes, but we encourage faculty to use the rooms and experiment in our teaching spaces! Learn more about them:

Guidelines for Equitable Access and Room Reservations

In order to allow as many faculty members as possible to use these spaces, we use the following guidelines when booking the rooms:

  • Rooms are not available for booking through the Registrar.
  • One room is left available for library instruction at all times. This guideline is flexible and exceptions are at the Library’s discretion. Granting exceptions is most likely during the second half of the semester when we do less instruction.
  • Rooms can be scheduled for up to one week at a time or one day per week (subject to availability). Requests for more frequently recurring classes will only be considered after mid-semester. A limited number of semester-length reservations are accepted on a semester-by-semester basis. Any exceptions to this guideline are also at the Library’s discretion.
  • All faculty that schedule these spaces are strongly encouraged to attend an in person hands-on orientation to learn how to use the technology in the rooms and to ensure that the equipment works as expected with their laptop and/or device. Please contact John Holm ( to schedule an appointment.

Class-by-Class and Week-by-Week Room Reservations

Teaching faculty may reserve either room on a class-by-class or week-by-week basis and are encouraged to do so to experiment with pedagogical methods using the technology and flexible furniture in these spaces. To make a reservation:

Semester-Long Room Reservations

In the case of a course (one section), lab, or seminar where a library room is the preferred space, teaching faculty may reserve either room for semester-long use on a first come, first served basis. Reservations are accepted after the Registrar has released classroom assignments for the upcoming semester (beginning in April for the fall and beginning in November for the spring). Multi-year or multi-semester requests are not accepted.  To make a reservation:

Non-Class Room Reservations

  • Rooms can be booked for meetings and other events during non-class meeting times.
  • Rooms are open for student use when not reserved.