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Norwich University Kreitzberg Library

HI355 - World War II: Search Strategies

Getting Started - Keywords

When you find something good in the library catalog, click the "Subjects" or "More Like This" links associated with that particular title to be directed to other useful books and articles.

Browse the Library Shelves

355     Military Science
900     World, General History
920     Biography
940     History of Europe
940.5  World War II
950     History of Asia
960     History of Africa
970     History of N. America
980     History of S. America

Sample Keywords

Experiment with search terms and specific countries:

WWII, World War II, World War Two, World War 1939-1945

For specific countries, type World War 1939-1945 Russia

For memoirs of soldiers from specific countries, type World War 1939-1945 Personal Narratives Russian

For campaigns, type World War 1939-1945 Campaigns Poland

For specific campaigns, type Name of campaignBattleYear