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Kreitzberg Library for CGCS Students

Get Started with Military History Resources

This guide will help you learn how to search the major databases for finding resources in military history.


JSTOR provides many full-text scholarly articles in different fields but does not provide access to the most current years; instead, coverage usually ends about 3-5 years ago, depending on the journal.

Conducting a Search

The screenshot examples below show a search for only articles about the War of 1812 and naval warfare.

  • I used quotes to search for words together as a phrase (i.e. "War of 1812" and "naval warfare").
  • I put my keywords into different search boxes to make the search simpler.
  • I checked the box next to Articles under Item Type to show just articles in my search results.
  • Click the Submit Advanced Search button to start searching for articles.

I put my keywords in quotation marks to search for the words together as a phrase and also put them in separate search boxes. I checked the box next to Articles under Item Type.

Reviewing Search Results

This search found 160 articles related to my keywords.

  • Results are automatically sorted by relevance, so the most relevant articles are displayed first in the list of results.
  • To read an article, click on the Download PDF button and accept JSTOR's terms.

This search found 160 results that are sorted by relevance. Click the Download PDF to read or print an article.