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Norwich University Kreitzberg Library

HI433 - Late Ottoman Empire & Early Turkish Republic: Primary Sources

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Finding Eyewitness Accounts

These are keywords for locating primary sources in both Google and the library catalog. 

For example, if you want letters from soldiers in WWII, you would type:

correspondence (for letters)


"world war II" OR "World War, 1939-1945" 
(remember to put 2+ word phrases in quotation marks")

  • Sources or documents - for general primary sources (examples: medieval sources, civil war documents, papal sources)
  • Personal narrativesautobiography or memoir (examples: Pearl Harbor personal narratives, battle of the bulge memoir, autobiography world war II)
  • Correspondence or letters (examples: Civil War correspondence, French revolution letters)
  • Diary (examples: Civil War diary, woman diary early modern france)
  • Interview, oral history or speeches (examples: Cold War interview, Japanese internment oral history, Malcolm X speeches)
  • Pamphlet (examples: pamphlet chastity, women rights pamphlet)
  • Pictorial works - for photographs or artwork (examples: Vietnam pictorial works)

Other Primary Source Topic Ideas