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Choice Reviews Online

Learn how to set up a Choice Reviews Online account to collect and share reviews of new books in your subject area.

Create a List

To create a list begin by clicking on the little box at the top left of each review. You then click on the icon for "Create a New List" at the top of the search results. Provide a name for the list and you are done! Each list you create has a maximum of 100 titles.

Adding to a List

You can add new titles you find to an already established list by clicking on their checkbox and then clicking on the "Add to List" icon at the top of the page.

View and Edit List

You can view lists you created by finding them in the Lists drop-down menu on the navigation bar. Once you are in the list page you can then edit it. To do so just click the little gear icon for the list and it will provide you with a menu of options. 

Create a Card Stack

Card stacks are a way for you to share the lists you have created with you colleagues and get feedback from them over what you have compiled.   To create a Card Stack go the the Lists menu under My Lists and click Create a Card Stack on the drop-down menu.  Then give your Card Stack a name and select the users you wish to get feedback from. To be added to a Card Stack the individual you wish to add must be a user of Choice Reviews. The named users can then view your list and vote on titles they like.

Create an Alert

You can also save your search criteria and have it run on automatically at predetermined intervals. That way you are always updated to new reviews in your field without having to run the searches yourself. To do so you will first need to save your search criteria. Once you have run a search with the criteria you like click on the "Save Your Search Criteria" icon (the little magnifying glass) at the top of the search results. Once your search is saved you can turn it into an alert by going to the "My Saved Searches & Alerts" page.  Once there choose the saved search you want to turn into an alert and select the interval you want the alert to run on, whether weekly or monthly. Once that is done an email will be sent to you whenever new reviews appear in the search results. 

My Saved Searches Page:

Sending Recommended Books to Liasons

Once you have made a list of titles that you are interested in and want to send them to your liaison all you have to do is download that list as an excel file and then e-mail it. To do so, go to your lists and on the drop down menu next to the list you want to send click "Download List." I

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