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Kreitzberg Library for CGCS Students

Requesting Books

How to have books from KL mailed to you.

Search Our Collection

Use the search box below to search for print books in our collection.

Check Availability

Brief records in search results display each item's availability status (usually Available or Checked Out).

Available book record example

Example of checked out item on search results page

Click Title

Click on the book title to open its item details page. The Request button is found in the Access Options panel.

Location of Request button in detailed record

Submit Hold Request

CGCS students and faculty may select Mail delivery from the dropdown under pickup location. If selecting mail delivery, we ask that you provide a current mailing address in the Item Description/Notes field.

Place Hold request form

After your request has been submitted, you can check on the status of your holds any time in the Holds tab in your Library Account.

After Submitting Your Request

Once you submit a request for a book, what is the turnaround time to receive it?

Once you submit your request, we will usually have the book mailed out to you within two business days. Then, depending on where you live, it could take up to a week for you to receive it.

Please note: It will take longer to get to you if you are overseas. If you are on a military post, we are unable to track the package once it reaches the base.

How long do you have to use the book?

CGCS students have a checkout period of 45 days. You can renew the book by contacting the library or logging into your library account.

Returning Books by Mail

Books must be returned by mail. You are responsible for paying the return postage on all books borrowed from the library, and also for any costs incurred from books being lost in the mail.

We highly encourage students to insure any packages being sent back to the library in case the books are lost. UPS automatically protects every shipment against loss or damage up to a value of $100.00, FedEx Ground and Express liability is also $100. Depending on the type of mail chosen, USPS insurance comes at an additional cost.

If you need a book that Kreitzberg Library does not own

Our library cannot borrow books from other libraries for online students and faculty since loan periods do not allow sufficient time for shipping to your location.

  • Search WorldCat to explore resources in your area. Academic libraries local to you may have the books you are looking for and you can usually consult books in the library. Nearly all libraries will allow anyone in the community to come in and use their materials in house.

  • Your local public library may be able to get books for you. Most public libraries have interlibrary loan services and without the extra step of shipping the books to your location, you can generally have a reasonable amount of time with the book. It is good to know what services your public library has available and if there are any limitations or costs attached.

  • Check the Kreitzberg Library's catalog to see if there are any books on your topic that will satisfy your information needs. You are also strongly encouraged to use our many electronic resources for accessing e-books and full-text journal articles. Please contact a reference librarian if you would like assistance locating similar materials on your topic in our collection.

  • In rare cases, we will see if we can purchase a copy of a book and check it out to you first. This service should only be requested when a book is vital to your research paper, cannot be obtained through your local libraries, and there are no comparable resources available from which you can get similar information. Please contact the Online Learning & Scholarship Librarian, Melissa Cornwell to request this service.