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About ScienceDirect

ScienceDirect provides access to the full text of articles, abstracts, and tables of contents for journals in engineering, computer science, chemistry, geology and physics, as well as selected titles in health sciences and social sciences. A four year archive is included.

Conducting a Search

The screenshot examples below show a search for articles about management and information security.

  • I used quotes to search for words together as a phrase (i.e. "information security").
  • I used the boolean operator AND to connect my keywords temperature and steel.
  • Click the blue Search button to start looking for articles.

I put my keywords into the search box connected by the AND boolean operator and I put information security in quotation marks. Click the blue Search button to start finding results.

Reviewing Search Results

This search found 12.212 articles related to my keywords.

  • Results are sorted by relevance with the most relevant articles appearing at the top of the list.
  • Articles that you can download will say Full text access or Open access above the title with a green dot.
  • To download, save, or print an article, click the >Download PDF link.

This search found 12,212 results that are sorted by relevance. Articles that are available have a green dot with Full text access listed about the title.