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CGCS Copyright Training

Copyright training guide for CGCS course development team.

Red Flag 1 - Document Doesn't Match Website

If a link is given to a document that does not match the URL or logo of the website, don't use it automatically.

Sometimes, websites may post content that they downloaded somewhere else.

  • First, check the document to see if you can find information on who published the document or sponsored it and see if there is a URL listed.
  • Second, check the website to see if the information in the document is on the website.

Red Flag 2 - Scanned Content

If a course developer links to a document online and it turns out to be scanned material, make sure that you try to obtain the scanned materials by legal means.

The most frequent example of this is a book chapter or a journal article that was scanned and loaded online.

  1. First, check to see where the chapter or article came from. This is done by putting in the name of the chapter or article and the author's name in Google and seeing what comes up.
  2. Once you find the article/chapter's information, ask the librarian if the book or journal is available in the library's electronic collections.
  3. If the chapter/article is not available through the library, determine if your use falls under fair use.
  4. If it does not fall under fair use, you will need to purchase copyright permission to use the resource.