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Kreitzberg Library for CGCS Students

Get Started with Public Administration Resources

This guide will help you learn how to search the most useful databases in the public administration field.

About SAGE Premier

SAGE Premier provides electronic access to over 645 peer-reviewed journals spanning subject areas including business, humanities, social sciences, technology, and medicine.

Conducting a Search

The screenshot examples below search for articles about public trust and government.

  • I used quotes to search for words together as a phrase (i.e. "public trust").
  • I put my keywords into different search boxes to make the search simpler.
  • Click the Search button to start finding journal articles.

I put my keywords into different search boxes for a simpler search and clicked the Search button to start finding articles.

Reviewing Search Results

This search found 4,545 results.

  • Results are sorted by relevance with the most relevant articles appearing at the top of the list.
  • You can select Research Article under Article Type to show only research articles from scholarly journals in your search results.
  • Articles that are fully available through the library will have a green unlocked lock icon next to the article title.
  • To access any of the articles you've found, click on either the article title or on the PDF icon.

This search found 4,545 article results with results sorted by relevance. Click on the article title or PDF icon to download and save an article.