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kreitzberg library with NU Online guidon

Kreitzberg Library for CGCS Students

Get Started with Diplomacy Resources

This guide will help you learn how to search the databases most relevant to your work in the Diplomacy program.

About Columbia International Affairs Online

CIAO is a terrific database for finding articles on government policy and international relations. It contains full-text articles from a variety of high quality policy journals, book chapters, original case studies, and policy briefs.

Conducting a Search

The screenshots below search for documents about diplomacy and economics.

  • I used two keywords connected with a Boolean operator.
  • I used the Boolean operator AND to connect my keywords.
  • Click the blue Search button to start searching for results.

I used my keywords diplomacy and economics connected by the AND boolean operator and clicked the blue Search button.


Reviewing Search Results

This search found 156 results related to my keywords.

  • Results are sorted by relevance with the most relevant articles shown at the top of the list of results.
  • Click on the title link to access the document; you will then see the option to download the PDF.