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Library Instruction Options for EN 101 & 102: Module #1 - Developing a Search Strategy

Module #1

Student Learning Outcomes for This Module

Student Learning Outcomes for 
Module #1 - Developing a Search Strategy

  • Students will be able to identify appropriate keywords and synonyms for a topic 
  • Students will be able to distinguish between broad and narrow topics and then evaluate and adjust the scope of their own topic
  • Students will be able to design a targeted thesis statement on their topic

Using Wikipedia (the Scholarly Way) [Approximately 30 minutes long]

After this workshop, students will be able to use a Wikipedia page to help them brainstorm keywords, narrow down their topics, and identify scholarly sources from a references list.

Brainstorming Keywords [Approximately 20 minutes long]

This activity will familiarize your students with what keywords are and why they are important to use when searching in Library databases. Students  will understand how to use resources like Wikipedia to help them identify relevant keywords and synonyms to use in their searches. They will also be guided in brainstorming a list of keywords for their topics. A librarian will provide feedback to each student on his or her work.

The XYZ Method [Approximately 15 Minutes Long]

The goal of this activity is to help students design a detailed, easily-researchable, and strategic research topic using a method found in Kate Turabian's book, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, & Dissertations. Students will be guided through the process of creating a draft of their thesis statements. A librarian will provide each student with feedback on his or her work in class.