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kreitzberg library with NU Online guidon

Kreitzberg Library for CGCS Students

Library Research Lesson: Intro to Public Admin Research

This research lesson will look at how to develop a research strategy and gives examples of searching in databases.

About ABI/INFORM Global

ABI/INFORM Global provides access to thousands of professional publications, academic journals and trade magazines in all aspects of business, industry and management.

Conducting a Search

The screenshot examples below show a search for articles about public trust and government.

  • I used quotes to search for words together as a phrase (i.e. "public trust").
  • I put my keywords in different search boxes to make a simpler search.
  • I checked the box next to Peer-reviewed so that I could show only scholarly journal articles in my search results.
  • Click the Search button to get results.

I put my keywords in separate search boxes to make a simpler search and clicked the Green button to start finding article results.

Reviewing Search Results

This search found 5.236 results.

  • Results are sorted by relevance with the most relevant articles appearing at the top of the list.
  • You can select Scholarly Journals under Source Type to show only journal articles from scholarly journals in your search results.
  • To access any of the articles you've found, click on either the Full text (for HTML) or Full text - PDF link (one or the other, or both may be available).

This search found 5,236 results that are sorted by relevance. Click on either the Full Text or Full Text-PDF links to download or print an article.